Copyright Complaints

Stardust respects intellectual property rights and we expect our guest blogging community on Stardust to do the same.

You can submit a copyright takedown request if your copyright-protected work was posted on Stardust without your permission.
We respond quickly to reports of copyright infringement reported through this form to our designated copyright agent.
If you’re a copyright owner or authorised to act on their behalf, you can use this form to report alleged copyright infringements on Stardust.

Before you submit a takedown request, you should :

  • Determine which copyrighted material you feel has been infringed. You can submit a representative list of copyrighted works if you’re reporting several copyrighted works.
  • Identify the content on Stardust that you allege is infringing on your rights, as well as the information we’ll need to discover it, such as the URL of the Stardust page.
  • Please include your mailing address, phone number, and email address in your message.
  • Your full legal name, as well as your electronic or physical signature, should be included (for example, by typing your full name).

    You can report multiple links (URLs) in this report. To do this, enter links (URLs) in the box below. Enter one link per line.