Stardust - November - 2021

In this issue

  • Cover Story: Why Did Bollywood Big Wigs Not Support SRK?
  • Get Snappy: Wild Encounter With Ajay Devgn
  • Get Snappy: “The film industry has been the toughest and ‘best’est form of schooling for me so far…” – Zoa Morani
  • Stardust Special: Is Shamita Shetty ‘Queening’ it up in Bigg Boss 15?
  • In Focus: “Mahesh Bhatt says, ‘Gulshan Grover, never over!” – Gulshan Grover
  • Star Show: “I used to sing by my window and one day, Papaji (Prithvi Raj Kapoor) heard me and said, ‘I had a beautiful voice and I should sing in films’.”- Asha Puthli
  • In The Spotlight: Kal Penn

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