This Friendship Day, these celebrities tell us all about their best friends and how they plan to honor them on this special day.

You are currently viewing This Friendship Day, these celebrities tell us all about their best friends and how they plan to honor them on this special day.

Anuj Sachdeva
My best friend is Priyanka. The special thing about her is that a lot of times it happens that you are not agreeing on something with someone, where your views are different. But we end up coming to a conclusion at some point even if we don’t agree with the situation. I started calling her Miss Always Right, someone who is always right about her views. It turns out that many times she is right. There is a sense of understanding between two people where you don’t need to mention or justify anything.

Deepali Saini
Neetika is my very good friend. She understands me so well, better than my boyfriend. If I am disturbed or stressed, she just comes to know about it seeing my face. We understand each other so much that sometimes seeing each other’s face, we understand what one has to say. We have been bonding since 12 years and when I first came to Mumbai, she was my first friend, my roommate at that time. She is my closest friend and I share everything with her. Whenever we meet, it’s a friendship day for us and we celebrate. Everyday is special when I meet her. We go clubbing or just chill at home, cook together and gossip. This friendship day, we are planning to go to Lonavala or to some hill station.

Amal Sehrawat
I am very happy and excited as always. This year I made many new friends. Zebby Singh, one of my co-actor has become one of my best friends. He is very nice, sweet and a humble human being. He is very sweet and has a child-like nature and excitement toward things. The best part about him is that he doesn’t have any manipulation and doesn’t believe in covering up things. He calls the spade a spade and will always give his best feedback for everything and will stand by my side when required. We will be celebrating friendship day on set as we will be shooting

Maninee De
I think we have all crossed that stage of having just a few best friends. I would call it my soul group. So friendship day for me is every day.  By honoring my friendship, by honoring my friends, by making them aware of the fact that they are really precious and beautiful, that’s what the day is all about. I thank them with all the gratitude in my heart for entering my orbit. This is how I celebrate. I have a lot of best friends. What bonds us together is honoring the beauty of the soul. We stick with each other through good times and bad times and we understand each other and accept each other without a sense of judgment. We have fun.

Jay Zaveri
My best friend’s name is Pranaay. He’s a music composer for movies like Baaghi 1, 2, 3, Munna Michael, Raaz- The Mystery continues and many more. He is a music composer and our friendship goes way back since 2000 from our college days. We met in college and since then we are still friends and hopefully, our friendship lasts much longer. The thing about Pranaay and me is that our bond is very special because since our college days we both wanted to be in the creative industry and he started this journey much ahead of me but he has always been a practical guy. I have had many ups and downs in my career, and career choices wise before I started acting. He has always been there as emotional support, a pillar, a philosopher, and a friend, I can go on and on about Pranaay but that’s the bond which we share. I’m more of an emotional person and he’s more of a practical person and he’s always there to support me in each and every phase of my life and that’s the reason why I love him. We celebrate every year. We have made it a point since our college days. It’s been a tradition that we meet, we sit together and have a couple of drinks and remember the old days.

Sudha Chandran
My two close friends about whom I would love to talk, Medhaand Uma. They’re my childhood friends. We all were together in school as well as in college and still we are close friends. And bond with Uma is special because she lived next to my house and my mom and dad considered her as their daughter. She used to be at my place all the time and go back to her place just to sleep. She used to help my mom in the Kitchen also. We were like “Do jism ek Jaan”. After my accident, She didn’t leave my house, from morning till evening she was with me. She understood my sadness, my pain, she understands me, that’s my best friend. Another one is Medha and the reason being that after the accident we used to study together. When the exams are near, they used to come to my house. We used to study, chill out , and go out together. And several friends you can’t define. You cannot express why they’re so special to you. Medha was special for me is and will always be special. And she has been with me through thick and thin and probably I could not give her so much time when she needed me because of all my committed assignments but my friends have never left my side. And to be very honest, I have so many friends, the list is unending.