Sanam Johar: I am pretty blessed to be a part of this series Dhappa

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Actor Sanam Johar, who plays the role of Karthik in the web series Dhappa, says that people are loving seeing him in the series. The actor says that people are finding it very relatable. “I have been appreciated for the kind of performance that I have done in the show and I am pretty blessed to be a part of this series Dhappa. First of all, it is very relatable. I was also very comfortable with Abigail. Our director, Anil Sir, was so helpful, the whole cast was great. I had a great time,” he says.

Talking about the storyline, he says, “I am actually from Delhi, so I never really experienced ‘Chup chup ke pyaar’. So, I relate to it and for me that is Aashiqui, that is love, that is romance, ‘Chup Chup ke’. It’s fun. It has its own perks and negatives also, but looking at the other side, the positive side of it, I love it. I could super relate to it.”

He adds, “I think people in small town cities can really relate to what happened with the character, whatever I did. Recently, I got a comment on a picture that a similar situation happened with this guy, where his girlfriend got pregnant and it was a little difficult for the family to understand. They eventually understood and they are really happily married now.”

Talking about working with director-producer Anil V Kumar, Sanam says, “I think he is the best. I have been complimented for my performance and I think the entire credit goes to Anil sir because he is the sweetheart. He was so patient with me knowing that it’s one of my first few projects as an actor. So, he was very humble, sweet and very patient.”

The OTT boom in the country has really helped bring to the audience real content. “The OTT boom is at another level. Other platforms are also very good but OTT has brought the reality out in the open, the kind of reality that we can’t show in movies or on TV. Be it sex or be it abuse, all of that is real. It could be right or wrong for other people but that is real. People generally talk about these things very openly but they don’t want to see it, at least not on television. But OTT has brought out a lot of awareness. Also, it’s a new platform for new actors as well,” he says.

He adds, “I think OTT is like an encyclopedia for me and probably a lot of other things but it’s got more words than an encyclopedia has got! I think every genre works best on this platform because whatever side we are trying to show in that story it comes out very real.”

Ask him about the characters he wants to play, Sanam says, “I think about every kind of character. I am not scared to play any kind of character, be it a mawali or like a goon, be it just a simple guy, a funny guy, maybe a homosexual guy. As an actor, you should be able to play any kind of character, no matter how they look, how they talk.”