Sudhanshu Pandey on Anupamaa turning two: It’s a blessing because it’s a good show that has always remained at the top for the last two years

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Sudhanshu Pandey starrer Anupamaa is all set to complete two super successful years. The TV fiction was launched on July 13, 2020 and stars Rupali Ganguly in the leading role of Anupama, while Sudhanshu plays the role of her now former husband Vanraj. The actor sounds excited talking about the time passed and the love the show has been getting from the audience.

“I think it’s a blessing that we have completed two years of Anupamaa. And, the reason I am calling it a blessing is because for these two years, we have been on the top and sustained our position. So that truly says it all. We are thankful to the almighty and our audience,” he says.

Sudhanshu shares that the character of Vanraj gave him ample scope to perform. “This is probably the first reason why I said yes to this show. Vanraj isn’t your typical hero, who is all good and preachy. He is grey and a very human character. He has these layers of emotions and a lot of sides to his character and personality. He is very unpredictable. There are so many things that I thought at that point of time will help me evolve as an actor, so yes the journey has been fantastic. There is so much more to be done with this character in coming times. You can only expect the unexpected from Vanraj,” he adds.

Vanraj, however, has his human side too. And, the actor feels that what adds the charm to it and makes him enjoy performing this role on screen all the more.

“He has got a soft heart and his emotions towards his daughter and kids is his only weakness. Vanraj is very vulnerable and sensitive and of course, he has his negative side too. His anger, which he can’t control, often creates problems for him. He gets upset when people mistreat his family. He is like one of us. We’re happy one moment and then get angry in the next, and then, we are also vulnerable and sad too,” he explains.

While Sudhanshu is expected to do a lot of intense scenes as Vanraj, he makes sure to leave his work behind when the job is done. The idea is to go home in a fresh mind and keep both personal and professional lives separate.

“Well my character is such that once I finish performing the scenes on set, I’m done with it because they are very exhausting. There are many tough scenes that are difficult to perform. As I have always said, sometimes when he is angry it’s exhausting. Sometimes when he has to walk on a thin line where he has to neither become a complete villain nor a complete hero, it is quite difficult to pull off. Everything about him as a performer and as an actor is definitely difficult to a certain extent. I usually switch off once I’m out of the costume, makeup and shooting, I don’t carry it forward,” he shares.

Sudhanshu is thankful to Anupamaa for helping him showcase his acting prowess. And, his fans have enjoyed every bit of the process. “I think if everybody feels that the show has proved my ability as a performer and I’m a good actor, I’m very happy and I thank God for that,” he smiles.

The show has handled teenager issues, which is relevant. “Many have got teenage kids. We all need to understand what teenagers think about, how their mind functions, how wonderful they are at their age and how as parents we need to guide them and mold them into a good human being. The young age is when we can build their foundation for the rest of their life,” he says.