Sukhpal Singh says working on his show Udaariyaan has been amazing: I don’t know how to express the love fans have showered upon us

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Sukhpal Singh plays the role of Harman Sandhu in Udaariyaan. The drama is produced by Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Dreamiyata Entertainment. Content with how the show is progressing, the actor talks about how much he likes the character and relates to it.

“Harman Sandhu is a very supporting character. He is always there, taking care of his family, friends and loved ones no matter what. He is a very cool-minded person. In real life, I am a very emotional person and try my level best to be with my family. So, this is a realistic character for me because I am the same in real life,” he says.

Talking about the response around the character, he adds, “It has been amazing. I don’t know how to express the love fans have showered upon us. Whenever we go out for a movie, dinner and our fans spot us they tell us nice things and praise us a lot. I’ve heard people saying that my character is very jolly and naughty. It feels good to get beautiful messages not only from India but also abroad. The best compliment I’ve received is that I am a very natural performer. Also, people love my look in the show.”

Sukhpal praises the actor couple and their team at Dreamiyata. “Working with Dreamiyata has been an amazing experience till now. Being a producer, Ravie sir and Sargun ma’am are very supportive and care a lot about us artists. They have helped me with a lot of things. Being actors and producers, they understand better,” he says.

The show is being shot in Chandigarh and most actors are missing home as they had to shift base to the city for the time being. “Yes, we all are living a little far from our home. I live in Jalandhar so it’s about 150 km away. It’s been a year now that we are shooting for Udaariyaan and it’s now become a second home to all of us. Whenever I get a leave, I go and spend time with my family. We can’t even think of Udaariyaan coming to an end because of this home and family we have built here,” he shares.

Udaariyaan has a youthful flavour to it. “The USP of the story of Udaariyaan is talking about Punjab, where every other child wishes to study abroad and settle there. This is their most common dream and hence a real story. That’s what has connected with the audience the most,” he adds.

Punjabi storytelling is being loved by audiences all across India, even internationally as well. Agreeing, Sukhpal says, “It’s not from now but Punjabi stories are loved by people for so many years now. Punjabi cultures and traditions have a charm of their own. Punjabi stories are very serious and heart-touching too. I am really proud to see Punjabi stories getting so much popularity.”

So, what are the two trends he has noticed in the TV industry? “The television audience majorly is women. They love to see these stories and relate to it also. If the concept is amazing and it’s touching people’s heart, it sets the trend. TRP is truly very important and a trend game now.” he answers.

As an actor, Sukhpal is inspired by many and not just one person. “Initially, I liked watching Om puri ji, Anupam Kher ji, they are amazing actors. In dialogue delivery, I must say Shah Rukh khan, Amitabh Bachchan is the best.  My co-actors, directors, AD… also teach me new things,” he adds.