“Supernatural shows have always fascinated me:” Nyrraa M Banerji on her show ‘Pishachini’

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Nyrraa M Banerji will soon be as a sultry devil in the soon-to-go-on-air show “Pishachini”. This is her second project in the supernatural genre and the actress is quite excited about it.

“I’m playing the titular role. My name is Rani. The town of Bareilly, where Rani, the Pishachini, has been let loose, will be the focal point of the Pishachini story,” she said, adding, “Even my first show ‘Divya Drishti’ was supernatural. Playing this will be fun as I’m playing a grey shade yet I’m the heroine. Supernatural shows have always fascinated me and I am happy to be part of ‘Pishachini’. Rani is one of the most intricate characters that I have ever portrayed.”

Nyrraa’s sensual avatar has caught a lot of eyeballs, and the audience can’t wait to see more of her Pishachini avatar. She shared that she is quite happy with the initial response to the promo and said, “So far I have received very good feedback from the audience. Shows like this have been made and are being made, but my character is quite different from all of them. And I can’t wait for my fans and the audience to see what more is on their way.”

“I love dramatic roles, and this show is just perfect. It would also be interesting if I get to perform stunts since I am a pishachini and a supernatural character,” she added.  Nyrraa believes that being an actress she needs to be glamorous, be it off-screen or on-screen, and works hard to maintain herself. “I workout, I lift weights, and try to maintain a diet. Even though I’m not very strict at all. Looking good and glamorous is part of the job, and I love it. Who wouldn’t like to look beautiful? I am a heroine and I am supposed to look glamorous. If people of all ages don’t fall for me then I’m not a heroine,” she said.

The actress, however, believes that it’s the overall performance that leaves a mark on the audience. “Looking good and glamorous is just one part of the job, how you perform a scene, how you convey your emotions, and whether the audience can connect it or not is also important. So it’s an overall entertainment package. I don’t want to be just eye candy, and I work on my skills every day. Learning never stops especially in this profession,” Nyrraa concluded.