World Suicide Prevention Day: Celebs share personal experiences and their concern around the rise of suicides in the world.

You are currently viewing World Suicide Prevention Day: Celebs share personal experiences and their concern around the rise of suicides in the world.

World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10 creates awareness to prevent suicides. The idea is to spread positivity, give people hope and courage to face different issues of life and be by the side of those who feel vulnerable, sad or dejected. Suicidal thoughts are common, many of us have it at some point of life. Celebs share their thoughts on the importance of the day and personal experiences.

Anu Aggarwal: “‘Creating hope through action’ is the triennial theme for the World Suicide Day 2022. I feel suicide is not a get away from problems of life, it is cowardice as each life is a gift and needs to be honoured. I have seen gratitude for what you have is a huge help in times when you think you don’t have anything. I decided to create awareness of this fact while raising inner joy in people to prevent them from taking their lives. That’s how Anufun (her foundation) came about.”

An estimated 703,000 people a year take their life around the world, Anu shares fact before adding, “For every suicide, there are likely 20 other people making a suicide attempt and many more have serious thoughts of suicide. Millions of people suffer intense grief or are otherwise profoundly impacted by suicidal behaviours.”

Anu opines: “By raising awareness, reducing the stigma around suicide, and encouraging well-informed action, we can reduce instances of suicide around the world. Prevention Day from 2021 – 2023— this theme is a reminder that there is an alternative to suicide and I aim to inspire confidence and light in all of us.”

 Jay Zaveri: “Suicide is the worst thing that any person can do. And, there can be many factors including depression and mental illness like chronic health issues, guilt, trauma, loss of substance or person that can trigger suicidal thoughts. The tragic thing is that so many of those who consider suicide as the last option doesn’t really want to die, but they don’t know how to deal with the pain they are experiencing. The emotional pain becomes so much that they consider suicide as an option of escape.”

He adds,. “If you ever have suicidal thoughts or know someone that has such thoughts, you should know that without help, escaping that feeling of wanting to end is very difficult. If you have the difficulty of opening up to others about your problems, then we can find another way out. There is a saying that, ‘Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better’. Those who are deeply depressed and consider suicide, usually have difficulty realising that their life can get better. If you choose to suicide you are eliminating the future possibilities of finding happiness and enjoyment. When the mind is so dark it can stop you from seeing happiness but that does not mean it is the end of the road,” he adds.

Taking medication, counselling, eating well, exercising, setting goals, getting into a routine etc helps one to stay in the right path and come out of negative thoughts, feels Jay. 

The actor explains, “You should know that it is possible to recover from the feeling of depression. As far as the entertainment industry goes, it is show business where you are gathered with people all around you but in the end when you go back home you are all alone and especially for actors who are not from Mumbai. When they reach home there’s no one to talk to or family or friends and it does get depressing. I sometimes call up my friends who are not from Mumbai, make sure to communicate with them. In this age where things are moving so fast and everyone is so fixated on getting success, it’s always better to communicate with your loved ones to maintain sanity. The more you stay happy there are less chances of having suicidal thoughts.”

Nikhil Nanda, a first-generation entrepreneur, industrialist, fitness enthusiast, philanthropist and actor, also addresses these concerns.

“There are these three things I believe every Indian has thought of at some point in their life. One to become an actor gives the UPSC and suicidal thoughts. I am no different,” Nikhil says, adding, “I was in class 10 and had my boards in 2-3 months while I had flunked in two subjects in my pre-boards. I was always stressed about my boards and at that time I had just learnt to drive a car. So, while going out with the family, I was asked to drive. However being under so much stress, I ended up banging the car without anyone getting hurt but the vehicle was damaged. We were not from a rich background hence this expense was a huge burden on the family unexpectedly. So, I was under severe stress when both happened together thinking I should probably end my life to free my family from all the miseries. I even locked myself in the bathroom and was thinking of drinking the phenyle. But what helped me get through this  is Hanuman ji and his blessings. The thoughts were soon changed from I am a failure to I need to prove I can do it. Thereafter it was a 360-degree change and I ended up 3rd in my school, got into the best college in DU, and did an 11,000 kms road trip in the USA (drove from LA to New York).”

Nikhil also avers, “With social media life has become so busy that nobody has time for anyone. And this has made every individual very lonely. In the entertainment industry if you are successful it’s always lonely on the top. And, if you are a struggler, then nobody wants to be associated with you as you bring nothing on the table, so either way, you are a lonely soul that gives rise to depression. In such situations, learn to believe in yourself and your God.”

Gaurav Singh
As human beings, we have become quite insensitive while chasing materialistic goals. It is important to normalisemental health as much as physical. And this should start at home where parents should create awareness among their children of the importance of mind, issues it faces and that mental well-being is as important as your physical health. This will make a child comfortable very early in opening up with friends/family and seeking therapies for their mental well being. Personally, I’ve had both ups and downs but fortunately I have consciously made sure to prioritise my mental health. And this won’t have been possible without the strong support I have in the form of friends and family.
Ashoka Thackur
In our lives, we face many ups and downs and there are times where in extremely difficult situations people get such thoughts. But, suicide is the not the way to deal with your problems. One must keep calm and try to find a solution to their problems or they should get help from their family members or friends in such cases. We should control our thoughts and if anyone is getting thoughts to end their own lives then they must definitely try and control that urge. Crises are a part of life, but ending your life is not the solution. Yes, even I got such thoughts once but thinking about my loved ones I got over it and tried to find a solution. By being alive, you can find a way but taking your own life will not end your troubles rather would hurt your loved ones.
We should seriously address mental health issues, reach out to people even without work to just make sure they know that someone is there for them. There should be safe places for people to share their true feelings, emotions and thoughts without the fear of being judged or misunderstood. This “safe place” can be a person or people or a group.
Shehzada Dhami
I have never experienced such thoughts. I would just like to say that one shouldn’t take stress about anything, you have to deal with the situations patiently and go with the flow. One should be ready to face difficult situations as life is all about ups and downs. To stop such lingering thoughts you should be around people who make you the happiest and if you are dealing with problems, then it should be discussed with your near and dear ones as they will help you to find a solution.

Nikhil Nanda 

I had suicidal thoughts during my preboards in school. But what prevailed on me was the firm belief that I always had in Hanuman ji and his blessings. The thoughts were soon changed from I am failure to I need to prove I can do it to, I will do it. To stop getting suicidal thoughts, one needs to have a firm belief in all situations. With social media life has become so busy that nobody has time for anyone and telling humans as social animals is nowhere seen in this fast paced life and this has made every individual very lonely. In the entertainment industry if you are successful it’s always lonely on the top and if you are a struggler, nobody wants to be associated with you as you bring nothing on the table, so either way you are a lonely soul and that gives rise to depression. In such situations learn to believe in yourself and your God. 

Charrul Malik

It’s really good that you have asked us to share our thoughts on this topic and it’s extremely important because what we have seen in the last two years, there was a kind of irritation among everyone. I never had suicidal thoughts but yes all of us were definitely thinking that how our lives have stopped and what will happen next. Suicidal thoughts begin with depression, and thinking that what poeplearound would say, people avoid going to psychiatrist. We must understand the signs because if you are not happy and feeling low and dull always then it’s an alarming sign. You should talk to your near and dear ones. Life is beautiful and you must learn how to deal with situations. Not only in the entertainment industry but people suffer from such thoughts everywhere. We should do things that keep us happy and also be physically fit because it will keep us mentally fit. Suicide is not a remedy. To anyone out there who’s hurting — it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help. It’s a sign of strength. I think suicide is sort of like cancer was 50 years ago. People don’t want to talk about it, they don’t want to know about it. People are frightened of it, and they don’t understand, when actually these issues are medically treatable. Living each day is one of the most extraordinary acts of courage.