Atak Gaya?

You are currently viewing Atak Gaya?

A film about lavender marriages, the Badhai Do trailer has garnered much trolling from netizens especially the irrepressible KRK leading the roost. He by the way snidely dubbed the film as being about “double dholkis”.

The film starring Rajkummar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar, incidentally, is about a lesbian and a gay man marrying one another to get their families off their backs about marriage only to find more pressure building up for having children.

But now, with the release of their song ‘Atak Gaya’ this week, the makers have given it a newer twist. The song makes one wonder whether the two may be re-questioning their identities and perhaps developing heterosexual feelings for one another. Hence, the song titled ‘Atak Gaya’ because they married one another as a cover up for their preferences but they may be slowly developing feelings for one another.    

Are the makers depicting a film about same-sex preferences or is the film actually about hetero-sexual wannabes? A bit confusing! Kahin script atak gaya?