“I share great chemistry with Jasmin Aly Goni on Sajaunga Lutkar.” – Aly Goni

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Aly Goni and his lady love Jasmin Bhasin’s latest music video Sajaunga Lutkar Bhi is out. The beautiful song has been receiving much love from the actor couple’s #jaslyfans. Aly is happy with the response and also praises the song.

“The song is beautiful, the team is nice. Coming together of Ganesh Acharya, a great choreographer, and Shaan & Neeti Mohan’s voices make it a perfect package. Also, the song has been shot differently from the other songs, and the rain sequence gives a movie feel,” he says.

Sajaunga Lutkar Bhi was shot in Mumbai last month. Every time the couple does something together it raises a lot of expectations. However, Aly stays unperturbed.

“There’s no pressure. I feel happy that fans get what they expect from us though it takes time. The response has been great and the song is already trending on YouTube. Fans love to see us together all the time, and that gives us immense pleasure,” he adds.

The best part of shooting with Jasmin, according to Aly, is that their chemistry is amazing. “She’s a great actor and our chemistry is visible on camera. This is our fourth song together. Our previous three songs were 2 Phone, Tu BhiSataya Jayega and Tera Suit, and thankfully we have got good reviews for all of them. Chemistry is the most important thing that is shown on camera. We had a blast shooting together,” he says.

Aly is quite a music addict himself. “I listen to fun music like that of Vishal Mishra, Coke Studio Pakistan. The lyrics of the music are the most important to me,” he adds.

Ask regarding the possibility of Jasmin and him teaming up for a TV or OTT project and he replies, “I don’t know about TV, but if there’s a good script for OTT I would love to do it. It depends on the subject. We are having our individual careers going on too.”

What kind of roles do you want to do? “I am getting offers but they are asking for a longer commitment which I don’t want to do at the moment. I want to strike a balance between personal and professional life. So I want something intense and different for a short period of time, so that I have time for my loved ones,” he ends.