Kareena Kapoor Khan’s latest video raises questions on whether fans at times wrongly invade celeb privacy: Actors share their viewpoint!

You are currently viewing Kareena Kapoor Khan’s latest video raises questions on whether fans at times wrongly invade celeb privacy: Actors share their viewpoint!

A recent video of Kareena Kapoor Khan at the airport has gone viral. The actor is seen in quite an uncomfortable situation with fans surrounding her from all sides, asking for selfies. This is not something new. Actors talk about such fan encounters and if their privacy has ever been wrongly invaded. They also talk about how they deal with it, keeping in mind that fan love and adulation mean everything for an artist. Read on:

Avinash Mukherjee
Yes, it’s not a pleasant side to see. Personally, yes there have been situations when I have been mobbed. But it’s loved and welcomed from the point of view from a fans side to see you, meet you or touch you. For them it’s like a lifetime opportunity so we can never snatch it away from them. Here I am talking about the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, [Amitabh] Bachchan Saab. But having said that, the tables turn when it’s a female actor. What happened with Mrs Khan was not fortunate because whenever we go for an event, any female colleague or female co-actor is always kept safe and there are certain boundaries that are maintained. People should collectively respect it, and even if the actresses don’t have bodyguards, people should be conscious enough to not invade their personal space and maintain the line of respect for a woman. We all saw that Kareena looked very uncomfortable and it’s unfortunate that it took place at the airport. We all should make sure that they should be treated respectfully no matter where they are or who they are.

Sudhanshu Pandey
Well, of course every actor lives for the adulation, appreciation and love from their fans and that’s what is the reward for any actor or star to get after they get famous and their work gets recognized. So, it’s a beautiful thing but at the same time obviously, when you’re going to the public place, there are times when you get knocked and there are people who come very close and it does get uncomfortable. It’s a natural reaction, because nobody, even a normal human at a crowded place would feel the same way. So it does become a little issue and obviously, even actors are human beings. Such things have happened to me as well. Many times, people would come from nowhere and put their arm around you or try to shake hands and it creates discomfort. There are people who are very particular about their hygiene. So, all these things are there. You have to deal with such situations with a lot of patience because ultimately, it’s the love that the fans are giving you that has made you what you are today.

Hiten Paintal
Many don’t really understand that as actors we have to go through a lot of things. Fans love us and we love them too but at times especially for women, it becomes very unsafe. At times what happens is they want to surround you and show their love but then it gets too scary as no one knows whether someone is an actual fan or not. There are also instances where fans want to touch you in a wrong way and that does get dealt with rudely. Crossing the comfort zone is a wrong thing. I totally feel for Kareena because it’s not the right thing to do and is quite scary too. People need to understand that actors meet so many fans throughout the day and maybe after a hectic day at work or shoot they need a break. But the fans don’t understand this and feel it’s rude. They don’t understand that even the actors can get very tired. It happened to me also a couple of years ago in Delhi. I was surrounded by many and later they started banging the car and also damaged my friend’s vehicle. Even the girls in the car got very scared. We guys were there but in the crowd of 50-100 people, we also couldn’t do anything. We literally had to run from there because they couldn’t stop shouting and moping??? . There are fans who reach us politely and lovingly and we always oblige. We know we are working for them and public adulation means everything. But still there is a way to deal with things that often become intense.

Chaitannya Choudhry
I have faced a situation like that during an event when a large group of fans landed up at my hotel room and refused to leave. And, amid all these, I was getting late for a flight. I feel the best way to deal with this is to politely request the fans to stop from doing any unruly behaviour, but if they still continue to violate your personal space then you have the right to be stern with them to protect yourself. In extreme cases, it’s advisable to seek help.

Aniruddh Dave
First thing, we all celebrities are celebrities because of our audiences/fans. But sometimes fans should understand that some actors would be in some other mental state and there are certain things like taking permission, and consent before taking pictures and seeking content. I think it’s a courtesy to ask before clicking pictures. If you start pushing, it becomes very uncomfortable and chaotic for the actors too. Sometimes when we go out people come and just tap on your shoulder or hold you for clicking pictures, which makes the situation a bit awkward and uncomfortable. Everyone has his/her own temperament and mood, something that audiences also need to understand. Decorum and discipline should always be maintained between the actor and the fan to create a happy environment around. We admire all the love by our fans but we also expect them to understand us.