Kat’s Fashion Passion

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Kat is known to be a style icon and so whatever she flaunts, she does it with a lot of élan. Well, after spending a glorious lohri with her beloved hubby, Kat decided to get back home, while Vicky flew back to his shoot. Pap’d  in a pink hoodie from the shelves of Gucci at the airport, Kat was seen going back to her lavish home.

She sure looked on point and her fashion sense was indeed 10 on 10, after all nobody can go wrong in a Gucci. This Gucci Banaya hoodie sweatshirt that Kat wore supposedly costs Rs 75,000 and is currently being sold amongst this season’s fashion have’s. The super stylish Kat teamed it with black latex leggings. 

Trust Kat to look extremely comfy, smart yet extremely stylish. Some people have style engrained in their being and we think Kat is one of them.