Mreenal Deshraj gets hitched with beau Ashim Matthan, talks about grand reception and life after marriage

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Actor Mreenal Deshraj and entrepreneur Ashim Matthan fell head over heels the first time they saw each other. This happened last year. The duo finally decided to take this ahead, and tied the knot on July 5 and held a grand reception in Mumbai on July 17.    

“It was a splendid event,” smiles Mreenal, talking about the reception, “I think everyone important in our lives managed to attend it and both our worlds were introduced to each other and they had a great time celebrating the occasion. We had a court marriage on July 5 and our reception was at Novotel for close friends and Ashim’s family. My family is having their own reception in Nagpur in August, which is also going to be a huge family reunion with my sisters visiting from all parts of the country and the world.”
 Ashim Matthan is the founder of start-ups RhinoMight and VitalifeDM. He is into wellness and health-tech.

“It is not at all an arranged marriage and with the number of people whom we know in common and our overlapping friend circles one would think we should have been set up for a date at the very least. But nope, this is good old-fashioned love at first sight. We met in September last year and it has been a wonderful journey ever since,” says the actor, who has done shows such as Naagin and Ishqbaaz, and is now in talks for a new project.

The actor’s close friends and co-stars who attended the reception included names like Gauahar Khan, Dayanand Shetty, Shrenu Parikh, Nehalaxmi Iyer, Mansi Srivastava and Surbhi Chandna. Siddhaanth Surryavanshi and celebrity trainers Viraj Sarmalkar and Shivoham and their respective wives were also attended the celebrations.

About their honeymoon, the happy wife shares, “Yes, we do plan on going for a honeymoon later in the year. There’s a lot going on right now so we are waiting to finish all the obligations before we kick start to see the world. The place is yet to be decided. Neither he or I like cold weather so it won’t be any hill station. I always pictured my honeymoon to be in a sunny place and the main attraction was the guy I was married to. So anywhere we decide to go as long as it is sunny and with Ashim, I know I will love it.”
 So, what’s the best thing about Asim? “His unwavering sense of integrity and loyalty in everything he does is a huge turn on for me, and a crucial factor for marriage,” pat comes the reply.

Life after marriage is not what the actor had expected. “I kept telling Ashim that everything would be the same after marriage. He would disagree with me but I’d insist on this. But now that I am married, I will say that Ashim was right. Life after marriage is very different. There are so many subtle nuances and unspoken issues that need to be factored into marriage and living together. The whole attitude with which I view my life and my decisions has pivoted. And it’s the same for him,” she adds.