Rajesh Khanna death anniversary: Celebs share their favourite film of Kaka

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Rajesh Khanna’s acting prowess, charm, expressive eyes and that beautiful smile made every Indian fall in love with him over and over again. Today, July 18, is the superstar’s death anniversary. On the occasion, celebs share their favourite film of Kakaji.

Somy Ali
His film ‘Anand’ is spectacular as it makes you realise how quickly one can just be gone and it’s quite telling with what we have and still are seeing since 2020. However, Anand’s attitude was remarkable, in spite of knowing he had six months to live, he used those times to bring joy in others’ lives even though he was dying inside literally and figuratively. Apart from Anand, I also love his film Bawarchi.

Avinash Mukherjee
I love all his films, especially Daag, Roti and Mehboob ki Mehndi. Those films were released at the time of my grandmother and I saw them first with her. I will always have this special association with those films as like all his films, in them too he had his own swag and they also had stories from my grandmother’s time. So they’ll always be special.

Balraj Sayal
Not one film but all his films I would say. He is the Jubilee star of our industry. His films have won golden jubilee back to back. Haathi Mere Saathi, Aradhana, Swarg were amazing. These are the films that I love to watch again and again. I watched Haathi Mere Saathi during my childhood and just loved that fantasy world. Seeing that movie gives you a feel good factor, and that animals and humans can coexist made me happy. Aradhana is an amazing love story and Swarg is about family relationships. All his films are amazing and can be watched again and again. He has done films based on different concepts, so you can pick up anyone and enjoy it.

Manish Naggdev
Rajesh Khanna is my Mom’s most favourite too. She used to be a big fan of him and always wanted to meet him. My all time favourite film of Rajesh Khanna ji is Anand. The film has a great message. Amitabh [Bachchan] sir and Rajesh Khanna ji both have done such awesome performances that you are completely hooked to this film from the start till the end. And every time I watch Anand, I cry in the end. It’s really touching.

Delnaaz Irani
I love all the Rajesh Khanna films, especially the films from the 70s like Aradhana, Daag and others. The music in his films are fantastic. The combination of Kishore Kumar and Rajesh Khanna and RD Burman is a memory that’s stuck with me. Today if you pick any song of theirs, it has to be a hit. I personally loved Anand and Rajesh Khanna did a marvelous job in it.  Kudrat is one of my favourites too. The film was all about re-incarnation and I loved Rajesh Khanna and Hema Malini’s performance in that film.

Sudha Chandran
It’s Kaka Ji’s death anniversary and I still remember the day when I was shooting in Future Studios and the news came that he is no more. My concept of romance began with him and ended with him. For me, he was an epitome of romance who bought romance in Hindi films. He had his own style, class, enigma and aura, which was unique in its own way. He was one of the first actors who presented romance in the classiest way. He was born to love. Being the biggest fan of Kaka ji there is not one film of his that I don’t enjoy watching. Whenever I get time I only watch his films. I loved Anand. I started crying from the beginning of the film as I knew he was going to die in the end. There is another film, Prem Nagar… I must have seen it about 50 times. Mehabooba, Kudrat, Bundle bars, Amar prem, Swarg, Thodi Si Bewafai, and the list goes on. I am his ardent fan and still believe he is around. All his films hold a special place in my heart.

Nasirr Khan
I loved the movie Anand because even though you know the end, it’s a film that makes you laugh as well as make you cry. In the climax scene, you still feel the urge that Anand will wake up. Plus I loved my father Johnny Walker memorable performance in the movie