Suhani Dhanki happy with her cameo in Akshay Kumar starrer Cuttputli: The experience has been absolutely memorable

You are currently viewing Suhani Dhanki happy with her cameo in Akshay Kumar starrer Cuttputli: The experience has been absolutely memorable

Suhani Dhanki sounds excited about her cameo in the recently released film Cuttputli. The film directed by RanjitTewari stars Akshay Kumar, Rakul Preet Singh and Sargun Mehta among others. Suhani played the role of a mother in the thriller.

“This was during the pandemic when a lot of films seemed to have been shot in the UK. I was approached by the brilliant casting team at Anti Casting because they were looking for a UK based actor for this role. I auditioned, and after a few months I got the part! Fortunately, I played the role of a RJ who is pregnant that helps Akshay Kumar find the lead in the thriller ,” shares Suhani, who was last seen in the TV show Porus, where she played the role of the protagonist, Laacchi.

 Calling her experience of working with Akshay Kumar absolutely memorable, she adds, “He is absolutely brilliant. I have never seen a more disciplined actor. He didn’t leave the set at all and was giving cues. He was so chill to work with. Even though he’s a superstar, he had such a warm energy and comfortable personality. Also, he has an absolutely hilarious sense of humour and is so very spontaneous. I’ve always found him very fascinating. He’s just constantly been at it! I love him in his cop avatar and his poker-faced comedy.”

 Suhani’s favourite Akshay Kumar films include Khakhee, Bhool Bhulaiya, Hera Pheri, Namastey London, AwaraPagal Deewana, and many more. “His spontaneity, energy and just how invested he is in the minor detailing of every scene that he does,” says the actor.  Even though she is based in London, Suhani wants to focus on her art. “I’m very keen on focussing on my career as an actor both in India and in the UK. I’d love to explore a range of roles, especially those of strong, powerful women. Simultaneously, I’ve been working towards growing in my career as a dancer and making my Guruji, Dr. SandhyaPurecha proud. Moving to London has only furthered that ambition,” she adds.

 Hindi films box office returns have been a point of concern given the response some of the last few films have received. Also, many are of the opinion that this is the time when the power of OTT should be explored the most to ensure that the makers can avoid loss.

 Reacting to it, Suhani explains, “Unfortunately, yes. I think watching a movie in a cinema had its charm, it was more of an experience that we enjoyed with friends or family. However now, given the pandemic where people got used to consuming content rapidly, and keeping in mind the entire subscription-driven model, people have become increasingly comfortable in watching films in the comforts of their home, at their pace and within the money they’re already paying. Also, there is a mindset that a movie that has been released in cinemas will have an OTT release anyway. Whether it is a good take or not is questionable, but I guess it’s a safer bet given the amount of time, effort and resources that go behind making every film.”