Virushka, What’s the Hullabaloo about baby Vamika’s pictures?

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The internet went wild in opinions regarding Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s request not to publish their daughter Vamika’s pictures in the media, after their baby was captured on live camera at an India vs South Africa match. Fans were elated to finally get a glimpse of the little cutie and thought Anushka and Virat, who have been fiercely private about their child’s pictures so far, were finally relaxing the norms around her. However, post the match, Anushka requested the media once again to refrain from publishing her baby’s pictures, with the Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi  firecracker explaining that she was caught off-guard. 

In an Instagram story, Anushka Sharma appealed to the media not to circulate the video of baby Vamika or publish her pictures: “We realise that our daughter’s images were captured at the stadium yesterday and widely shared thereafter. We want to inform everyone that we were caught off-guard and didn’t know that the camera was on us. Our stance and request on the matter stays the same. We would really appreciate if Vamika’s images are not clicked/published for reasons we have explained earlier.”

While screenshots of Vamika’s face has gone viral, it has severely divided netizens opinions. Several fans have slammed the media and tweeted in support of Anushka demanding that the photos be deleted. Others, however, have trolled Anushka asking her why she had brought her baby along and lifted her up in front of all ‘n sundry  if she didn’t want the baby’s face shown. 

…So far the media had graciously blurred bbay Vamika’s images. However, one wonders for how long this cat ‘n’ mouse chase can continue. Most celebrities have accepted that their children will share their limelight whether they like it or not, and learnt to live with it. For how long Anushka and Virat can keep Vamika away from media glare remains to be seen?