World Environment Day: Celebs speak up

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September 26 is World Environmental day, celebrated by the International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) Council. Celebs speak up about being environmental conscious. 

Somy Ali, actor turned humanitarian
“This is one issue that baffles me as to why people simply don’t care or comprehend the importance of it. It’s our Mother Earth and we are responsible for taking care of it the way a mother takes care of her children. A devastating number of fish are dying daily due to the discarding of plastic and other rubbish dumped into the sea. The drastic changes in our temperatures is more proof than anything else when it comes to global warming. I feel as though people live in a bubble and refuse to step out of it and educate themselves. It is estimated that in ten years Florida will be underwater due to global warming. We are already constantly fighting wildfires in California. It’s not just the US, but we are witnessing universal damage which we should be held accountable for because it’s us against our planet. People need to wake up and dedicate some time to learn what is actually happening to our home. It might be too late as very soon when we will see our surroundings in ruins if nothing gets done. These aren’t fabrications, but the absolute truth and we need to act now.”

Anupama Solanki
“On World Environment Day, I feel the government should ban plastic strictly in India. Otherwise, people will stop using it. Sometimes we should make hard laws for the public otherwise they spoil the environment and then they blame the government. Apart from that, before banning plastic, we should arrange some alternate solutions. Apart from this, we should focus on growing trees so the environment becomes better.” 

Sumit Kaul
“We all need to realize, we are only a by-product of the environment. We are alive only because of the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. Our survival and more importantly the well-being of our children and future generations depends on the well-being of the environment. The #savesoil initiative by Sadhguru is one of the most amazing efforts to mobilize people around the world to raise their voices for the soil. I think we should all become part of the movement so that our government feels they have the necessary support to take long-term steps towards improving soil health.”

Charrul Malik
“I’m very happy I’m associated with a project called Project Mumbai and this association is verbal because Shishir Joshi has been my colleague when I was working in the news industry. Shishir Doshi handles Project Mumbai and he’s the one leading. Everything is taken care of under this. So, on World Environment Day, I would like to request everyone that it’s better for you to minimize the use of petrol because we are spoiling the environment and we are spoiling our health. It’s not going to help us in the long run. So, I think we should walk, cycle, and be least dependent on anything run by petrol or diesel. And of course, we have to look after the cleanliness. When we visit foreign countries, there are different punishments for not keeping the surroundings clean. We follow everything there which we don’t in India. So, this is not only important for the environment, but for ourselves. So, we have to think that way and be more responsible going forward.”

Vijayendra Kumeria
“You can make small changes in your everyday routine to make a difference. We are all in this together and the only way to survive is to make this a priority for us all. I try my best to be a responsible resident of this planet. I have plants at our home and I even gift plants to my friends on various occasions, as we feel these would be more valued than things like sweets etc. Ever since the ban on plastic materials was implemented, I have avoided using the material in any form. Also, another cause that I deeply care for is water conservation and, at my level, I try my best and request everyone to preserve water during any household or personal work.”

Jay Zaveri
“The central idea behind celebrating World Environment Day is that the health of humans intervenes with the environment. So, therefore, to protect advanced human health, preserving and enhancing the planet’s health is not a matter of choice. It’s a matter of concern. I feel there are a lot of issues which need to be addressed with regards to the environment like the cutting of the trees, global warming, pollution from the vehicles, the use of plastic, not throwing garbage into the sea but all these can be reduced if one follows the 5R mantra which has already been taught us in school but most of us as elders have forgotten about it. The 5R mantra is basically Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Renew. I think on this World Environment Day we should learn about the concept of the world environment day and try to make this a habit. There are many things that you can do on a personal level if you just keep this 5R in your mind.”

Ashoka Thackur
“We should stop cutting trees because oxygen is important. If trees are there, then there is life. The balance of the environment gets disturbed when there are fewer trees. So, we have to save them. And instead of cutting trees, we should try to plant more trees. Also, I would like to say that use electronic vehicles as much as you can instead of petrol/diesel vehicles. It will be very useful and good for the environment.”

Gaurav Singh
“Today we see a lot happening around environmental health and sustainability which is good. And I think this should start at home. Small daily habits like avoiding single-use plastic, buying secondhand, buying products with less packaging, choosing local and organic, using water responsibly, etc can really make a difference.”

Nivedita Basu
“On World Environment Day, I think for India, I want to specifically talk to some people that when they travel, they follow all the norms of keeping the other countries clean. But it’s so ironic that every time, I’m driving through the city I see somebody opening the window and throwing their plastic bottles, and plastics on the road and nobody says anything because there is no fine in India. So, I think that the basics are what we have to teach our kids.  First, control ourselves as elders and show some sort of decorum when it comes to littering on the road. like I always say, for me, the preservation of water is a huge thing. You don’t have to go and dig a well or probably make the saline water clean but a small basic thing like when you are brushing your teeth, to turn off the water, when your helper is washing utensils, tell them to close the water tap if not in use. And if there is some way to recycle the hand water into flush as I saw in some countries where the hand water is being used into the flush. so there has to be some way to recycle it and make it eco-friendly and for me, that will be saving the environment.”