World Tourism Day: From Goa to Switzerland, these destinations are celebrity-favourites!

You are currently viewing World Tourism Day: From Goa to Switzerland, these destinations are celebrity-favourites!

Arun Mandola
My favourite place is Ayodhya Ram Mandir. I visited Ram Mandir in 2020 when UP chief minister Shri Yogi Adithya Nath ji invited me as a guest. That was the first time that I saw Ayodhya Ram Mandir and that was a very pious day of my life. I think once Ram Mandir will be completed, people will come from the entire world to Ayodhya. I will also go there to visit again. I am a spiritual person so I love to visit spiritual places.

Charrul Malik
Tourism creates and generates jobs directly through hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, taxis, and souvenir sales, and indirectly through the supply of goods and services needed by tourism-related opportunities. Tourism provides monetary incentives for the development of many local crafts and culture; thus, it has an effect on the income of the local artisans and artists. Tourism also helps to preserve, retain and enrich our cultural heritages. Besides, tourism will open new vistas for multi-socio-cultural activities. My favourite tourist destination is Switzerland, I haven’t seen such a beautiful country in my life. It is surrounded by lush green hills, snow-capped mountains, and crystal-clear water. The streets are so clean and the place itself is so peaceful and calm that there is no need to meditate. The people are so friendly.

Neelu Kohli
Happy tourism day to all. Tourism is one aspect that makes everyone so happy i.e. travelling, vacations, weekending. The place you go to creates employment there and makes the people happy there. So, any kind of tourism is a happy event, may it be road, airways or trains. My favourite cities to visit as a tourist are European countries. I love Prague, Vietnam, Budapest, Holland but somehow, I missed travelling to Switzerland. So now I can’t wait to have a vacation in Switzerland.

Somy Ali
My favourite tourist spot has to be Jaipur. It’s ostentatious palaces that have been preserved from centuries ago and converted into hotels which I was lucky enough to stay in and learn its history from the employees. Basically, any place in Rajasthan has nothing but joyful memories for me. I encourage all my friends to visit Jaipur if they plan a trip to India. I will definitely go there again when I travel to India next year. It should be on everyone’s wish list.

Vijayendra Kumeria
Yes, I totally agree that tourism provides employment to a lot of people. You can work at restaurants, hotels, travelling sector. The most hit employment during Covid-19 was tourism. The whole world had to be shut down and so many people out there get their bread and butter on the daily basis of tourism.

My most favourite destination has to be Jammu and Kashmir. Nothing beats the beauty of the mountains and snow. Apart from being an integral part of India, Kashmir is famous for its beautiful valleys, forests, rivers, and fruit production. As much as it is praised, it seems less because it has many specialties which I cannot describe in words ever.

Jay Zaveri
Tourism plays a very important role for the growth and boost in economic activities. Tourism has many benefits like the infrastructure is improved, brand image, foreign exchange earnings are more, scope of employment generation. Employment could expand their earnings in social-economic conditions which could lead to an improved standard of living in the country too.

When it comes to tourism, I am more of a mountain person than the beach person. I feel a beach person could indulge in luxury any day whereas a mountain person would mind collecting more experience with basic amenities rather than luxury. I’ll be happy more than happy in any mountains. My favourite destination is Manali for both adventure and comfort too.