Aditya Deshmukh: I don’t believe in the concept of Plan B

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With shows such as Punnar Vivah, Bade Achhe LagteHai, Naati pinky ki Lambi Love Story as well as Ziddi DilMaane Na, actor Aditya Deshmukh says that for him there has never been a plan B in life. The actor says that one must focus on what one loves to do in life and not think of alternatives

“Covid has shown clarity that uncertainty is there everywhere. You can lose your job anywhere. There are companies that are closing down, layoffs are happening all over. Nothing is permanent in this world. I believe that uncertainty is with life as well nowadays. I am against the concept of plan B,” he says.

He adds, “I am against the concept of plan B. There is no such thing as plan B. You are born with only one plan, you have only one mind. Focus on one thing, and you will not deviate yourself. If there is a plan B, you cannot focus on what you have on your hand. There is no backup plan in life. Actors should never forget where they have come from and the struggle that they have endured. If you leave all this and go to something else then people will say why did you struggle.”

Talking about his plans ahead, Aditya says that he would love to do an extremely dark role on screen. “I would love to do more of dark roles as I have really enjoyed playing them. In fact, I decided to get into this industry after I saw Heath Ledger’s performance as joker. I have never seen someone perform like that. It was so new for all of us to know that a guy has locked himself for six months to get into the skin of his character. Even today, we feel if we could be five per cent of this man, we would do amazingly well! It was an electrifying performance,” he says.

The actor says that he wants to experiment with such a role to see how he performs it as well “I want to play a very dark role, just to see how I do it. I really want to see if I can fit the bill. But because of my fair looks, I often get rejected. I believe that, if given a choice, I can do justice to that character.  My favourite film is Whiplash, I love the character Terence Fletcher in the film and I think J. K. Simmons is so good as the notorious teacher. I also want to play a nasty guy on screen. That script was completely out of the box,” he says.