Break up for Arjun Kapoor & Malaika? Naah!

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Was there a teeny weeny spot of trouble in paradise? Apparently not! Amidst crazy rumours  smoking out of every nook ‘n’ corner of the breakup of Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora’s four year passion replete love story, our ‘Ki and Ka’ man Arjun grammed with a ‘together picture of Malaika and him’ to naysayers, which said,  “Ain’t no place for shady rumours. Stay safe. Stay blessed. Wish well for people. Love y’all.”

Our sexy Malla further topped our Punjabi Munda’s gramming by grand slamming pre-partition legacies of how people should be settled by the time they are 25, and instead insisted that they should be allowed to carve out different paths at later stages of life. The gorgeous fashionista grammed,  “Normalize finding love in your ‘40s. Normalize discovering and chasing new dreams in your 30’s. Normalize finding yourself and your purpose in your 50’s. Life doesn’t end at 25. Let’s stop acting like it does.” How true!

But what wasn’t really cute was that the ‘breakup rumours’ seems like the latest spate in a series of attacks on a relationship where the woman is older than the man. While others yet argue that this was just a ploy by a segment of the media to create news, it is worth noting that why may the same rumor-mongering tactics not work when the man is significantly older than the woman?  People didn’t seem to react when Saif and Kareena were brought together or when Milind Soman poses with wife Ankita Konwar.

Cher in Hollywood, in fact, once said she found it easier to date younger men because most of them have brought up by progressive mothers.  If we examine even our own daily interactions at work or at home, we may experience this. Younger men may be more willing to accept certain non-traditional ideas over older men. We may even find that bosses younger than us are more open-minded than those who are our age. So why can’t there be a possibility that a relationship between an older woman and a younger man work on the same principle?

In solidarity, Malla.