Here’s what connects Darshan Raval and BTS

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There’s no denying Darshan Raval from India and BTS from K-Pop culture are dominating the world with their music! Apart from the two being global phenomena, there is a lot common between them. For instance, BTS fans are known as BTS Army, while Darshan Raval boasts a massive Blue Family.

Another thing that connects the two is FASHION! Yes, one can often see the BTS gang members and Darshan Raval donning a similar style. So, here’s listing down four times the powerhouses stunned us with their raid-worthy sartorial choices!

The Colour Of Love

Darshan Raval opted for red with a hint of silver jacket paired with a black T-shirt and jeans for a live concert. Similarly, BTS member Suga went for an overall red outfit with a black T-shirt in one show!

Shimmery Silver

During one of the most-loved concerts, Darshan Raval chose an all-silver suit, and dare we say – he nailed it! Giving us similar uber-cool vibes, we spotted a BTS member in a silver ensemble.

Monochrome Magic

Only Darshan Raval and Kim Taehyung of BTS could have pulled off a monochrome suit with such ease! While the Indian rockstar picked a green-hued outfit, the K-Pop star went with a neutral tone of white.

Stylishly Chic

We can’t get enough of the chic style carried by Darshan Raval and Namjoon Fila in the picture! Giving us some serious fashion inspiration, the two the street style a notch higher.