Just Neel Things aka Neel Salekar gets Ranveer Singh grooving on his creator anthem Jinklo at the Meta Creator Day!

You are currently viewing Just Neel Things aka Neel Salekar gets Ranveer Singh grooving on his creator anthem Jinklo at the Meta Creator Day!

Bollywood superstar and global icon Ranveer Singh inaugurated Meta’s 2022 edition of ‘Creator Day’ in Mumbai, in presence of the entire creator community of the country.  The event became a rage in all proportion as Ranveer performed on Just Neel Things aka Neel Salekar’s foot tapping creator anthem ‘Jinklo’ that he has been listening to, on loop for days.

For most of y’all who don’t know what Jinklo is, Jinklo is an emotion that’s transcribed into a song describing the journey of being a content creator – A song by a creator for the creators. Neel has been known for creating regional (Marathi) & relatable comedy content on his social media. Now that he has become popular among the masses and recently touched a million followers on his Instagram, Neel launched a song- Jinklo! As part of the celebration and to announce this milestone he collaborated with Devil and Kanchan (Part of Gully Gang) and created this track for the creator community.

It gained massive popularity to the point that it reached Ranveer Singh and him being hooked to it. It happened so that a few days ago while traveling Ranveer Singh posted an Instagram story using the song Jinklo and expressed how he has been listening to the creator anthem on loop. So he joined hands with Meta for ‘Creator Day’ i.e Meta’s annual flagship event to celebrate creators and Neel Salekar (aka Just Neel Things) and decided to set the stage ablaze with his energetic performance on the foot tapping number ‘Jinklo’. Later, the powerhouse posted a stunning reel sharing glimpses about his experience performing at the Meta’s Creator Day using the “Jinklo” song to which Neel ecstatically replied “I love you, Ranveer Singh and this is a once in a lifetime event”. Soon after Ranveer Singh performed on Jinklo, the audio has been trending on Instagram reels making it a huge milestone for Just_Neel_Things aka Neel Salekar.

For the Mumbai edition of Creator Day 2022, SaurabhGhadge, Karan Sonawane, Sakshi Sivdasani, AwezDarbar, Saransh Goila, Jannat Zubair and Faisal Shaikhwere the brand ambassadors.

Check out details here:  https://www.instagram.com/reel/CjMxOPkhSHv/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=