Nyrraa M Banerji: Doing my more consistently, being steady and honest helped me grow on social media

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Social media has become an integral part of human existence. Whether it’s good or bad, many of us are hooked on it. Pishachini actress Nyrraa M Banerji talks about her rendezvous with the virtual world

“Honestly, I hardly spend any time on social media these days unlike how it used to be. I just do my DMs, post a pic or a story, that’s it. Social media is addictive. I avoid spending time and enjoy the real world more,” she says.

Many feel the medium is like a mood lifter. But Nyrraa shares a different opinion. “It’s just a time pass to find out what’s new happening in the world, what people are doing, what’s the new trend, new photography skills etc. I also like checking out new, interesting recipes,” she adds

Many have opined that the world of social media is fake, yet they want attention on it. “It is fake because you are showing only what you wanna show.  It’s an image you wanna portray of yourself and not showing every aspect of your life, that is both good and bad. So people try to show how great they are or how great they look. And, because it’s a competitive world, one wants to look or be the best, and wants attention for all the hard work put into the making of the content,” she says.

Many casting directors these days often take notice of one’s follower count before calling them for parts. Same happens with brands. “I haven’t been asked about it till now because mine is organic. I have 3.7 million followers on Instagram and 6 million on Facebook. Honestly my page gets more reaction and follower count goes up when I have a show on air. And, I hardly had a gap in the last few years. So, being slow, steady and honest helped me grow,” she shares.

People including celebrities keep saying that they prefer keeping their personal life private a bit then they end up posting very personal photos too. “How can a person be private and public at the same time? They probably don’t know the meaning of private. If you are saying that you want to keep your private life personal, then maintain that. What is the point of saying something and doing absolutely the opposite,” she ends.