Pranitaa Pandit: Today, people rarely show their real emotions or share what they go through on social media

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Can you imagine today’s time without the internet and social media? No right. And, many would also agree how these things have changed our lives for the better, yet at the same time have negative effects too. Actor PranitaaPandit shares her opinion on the effects of social media revolution.
“Today, people rarely show their real emotions or share what they go through in the virtual world. Nowadays people have stopped asking about each other’s health, and how they are doing? They are fine watching someone happy on social media and assume that they are happy by watching their happiness online,” he says.

People follow celebrities on social media and tend to emulate them. So, behaving rightly online is a huge responsibility, but not everyone takes it seriously. “People follow celebrities and want to have a life like them. And, it’s a huge responsibility on our part to spread positivity. I know a lot of people who can’t because social media is all about showing the brighter side of life and wouldn’t want to share downfall or real emotions. We have to understand that we assume a lot and that assumption is simply assumption and not a reality,” she adds.

The number of followers has become an obsession with almost everyone. Agreeing, Pranitaa says that it has become a huge business. “It’s so much pressure, sad that we’ve come to this. Today, so much work depends on this. There’s a lot of casting and brands look at the followers to promote despite not caring who you are, what you’ve done and it also takes just a second to put a comment and bring you down. Honestly, it’s not a great place to be in,” she shares.

The world of social media is fake, yet everyone wants attention via the same. “I feel like I am doing the same double standards here as I am equally invested and involved in them. There are some good days and then there are horrible days but yet I am there in this rat race. There are a lot of people like me because eventually everyone wants to survive and will continue doing if this is the medium for it. It’s sad that you can’t break free from it, hats off to people who can do that. We are living in a world which is full of competition, anxiety and also good things too but it’s sometimes disturbing,” she says.

Social media has become an ego massage tool and it is disturbing the normal life of actors as everyday they are expected to put new content. “True and it is very difficult to create the balance. Sometimes, being an actor shows you how to work. I’ve segregated it myself because it’s now my work space. Every picture is reviewed, and has to be perfect. As actors we were doing really well and used to get validation. These days, the number of followers is a source of validation for a good actor. Now creators have become actors and vice-versa. There’s no segregation which is why it’s confusing,” she explains.

Speaking on trolling, she adds, “It’s a part of this medium again and should not be taken seriously. I know it’s disturbing, but you must learn to deal with it. Dealing with trolling is not so difficult from an actor’s view. The number of times an actor faces rejection through interviews in a year is bad enough, if they can deal with that then trolling is nothing. I think we’re trained to deal with this.”