Urvashi Rautela Talks About Trolling & Comparisons With Iran’s Mahsa Amini

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These days, trolling has become a part and parcel of life for celebrities. It is quite common for actors to be targeted by trolls. And this time, it’s actress Urvashi Rautela. Urvashi is one of the most loved celebrities globally, who often garners headlines time and again. The actress is quite active on social media and shares glimpses of her life to keep her fans updated on her projects. However, she is often the target of trolls. On Sunday, Urvashi shared a story of going to Australia and ever since has been the target of nasty tagging and bullying .To be clear for all those trolls, Australia is a large continent, and UrvashiRautela wasn’t even in the same city as people kept mentioning in their memes.

The actress posted a series of stories on her Instagram, where she wrote, “This is for the Indian Media to see how big Australia is …It’s understood that Iran’s Morality police accused Mahsa Amini of violating law. Before arresting her and taking her to a detention centre to be “EDUCATED.” While in custody. Amini collapsed and was taken to hospital. Where she later died. There are reporters that witnesses saw Amini being beaten in the head with a baton. Tehran police attributed her death to “Sudden Heart Faliure.” However, her father told an Iranian news outlet that Amini was “Fit And Had No Health Problem” The Authorities must stop targeting, Harassing, and Detaining Women. First Iran 

and now in India, its happening with me, they are Bullying me

 just Because I never say wrong against anyone #STOPBULLYINGWOMEN
For Indian Media to understand the real meaning of stalker
First in Iran 


 & NOW IN INDIA … Itshappening with me they’re bullying me as a stalker??? No one cares about me or support me

A strong women is one who feels deeply & loves Fiercely. Her tears flow as abundantly as her laughter. She is both Soft & Powerful, is both practical & sprirtual. She’s a gift to the world.
#BringBackOurGirls #Yesallwomen”

Being a woman in our society is tough! You will be constantly judged and ridiculed for your sartorial choices, opinions, profession, and whatnot! But seriously, when is this going to stop?