Chetan Hansraj speaks about his role in Shubh Shagun on Dangal TV!

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Chetan Hansraj plays the role of Brijesh in the much popular Shubh Shagun on Dangal TV. All praises for the show, the actor shares that he enjoys playing his onscreen avatar. He shares his experience and begins by talking about how apt the title of the show is.

“I think Shubh Shagun is a fabulous show. My shooting, as well as viewing experience of the show, has been fabulous too. I love the name Shubh Shagun. It’s very positive and gives you a great vibe. And it’s brought a lot of positivity to all the people working on the show as it came at a time when Covid cases started to go down and work resumed. The show came as a big boon to all of us,” he says.

While Chetan is loving every bit of being Brijesh on screen, he does not relate to its negative traits. “I’m completely opposite to what I play on the screen. So Brijesh’s character is pretty good, and has a lot of variations and scope for performance. And that’s what an actor actually wants or needs in a character,” he adds. 

On the set, the actor generally bonds with everybody. But on a regular basis, he likes to have lunch with ShehzadaDhami, Mouhit Joshi and Anuradha Kanabar. He considers the entire team as his extended family.

This is the first time Chetan is working with Dangal TV. “I am really amazed by their reach and the kind of shows they make. I got to know that they have a massive following up north, which is awesome because most of our daily soaps are viewed there. The show is doing really well and I look forward to many more years of working with them,” he smiles.

Given that he has been in the industry for a long time, we ask Chetan about the best thing about showbiz and he replies, “The best thing about being an actor in the entertainment industry is that in one lifetime you can live a lot of lifetimes and play varies characters, from different walks of life. You can not do that in any other profession.”

About his learning from the journey so far and the ever-increasing competition, he adds, “I think, our only competition should be our own self. You can’t sit in and have a competition in your head, be like okay I’m competing with this guy or that girl. Rather you should try to be better than who you were yesterday. That’s what I believe in too. I don’t know about the rat race because, in my race, there are no other rats.”