Himansh Kohli: Good work will always have an edge over stardom, but it’s also true that stardom works well at the box office

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The entertainment industry must have evolved and many new things are happening. But, the discussion on the difference between actor and star has been on for years as many find it hard to differentiate, unlike others, while there are still others who believe that they are one. Himansh Kohli shares his viewpoint. “Stars are admired for the glamour and rockstar lifestyle, and actors are admired for their acting. There is mostly overlap between the two, but I think good work will always have an edge over stardom. But, stardom works differently at the box office, usually in a quite positive way,” says the Yaariyan actor, who will next be seen in the film Boondi Raita.

While the opportunities are plenty, so is the competition in the industry right now. This is probably the reason why the actor and star difference is not that prominent. Also, OTT has changed the game for many.

“I believe that the right opportunity finds you. But, you’ve got to keep on doing your part by being available and apt,” he adds. A variety of projects are being made in Bollywood, OTT and TV. Even music videos and short films are in the works. An actor today is spoilt for choice and sometimes fails to understand how and what can be done. “It’s a change we all have to accept. Your value is judged by the choice of your project. So, you can be on OTT, Print, TV, Web or Music Videos, your aspirations should match your role. I don’t feel that my aspirations are affected anyway, it’s just how you look at it. I believe that new platforms have increased opportunities and it’s a boon for the industry,” he shares.

The whole discussion around how knowing someone in showbiz helps one get through good projects is a never-ending debate. In spite of having personal managers and talent management companies, people are getting work more by references and personal equations. Knowing someone always helps. “References and connections are everything in every industry, it’s nothing new to the world. But, all the work is managerial work, coordination, etc is done by the managers, at least in my case. But, you might make it to the audition with a reference, you only get work based on your skill and relevance to the role,” he says.

Actors who have no alternate fallback option get frustrated waiting for the right opportunity in showbiz. On how one should handle the ups and downs of this profession, Himansh adds, “Find things to keep yourself busy, side gigs are important to survive. Sometimes there’s a lot of work, sometimes there’s not much, so we should be prepared for everything.”