National Cinema Day: Anu Aggrawal lauds theatres for giving tickets for Rs 75 only

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This National Cinema Day is extra special. National Cinema Day has always been observed on September 16. However, it has been announced that cinemas across India will celebrate it on September 23 instead. What’s more? This year the audiences can watch films for just Rs 75. Actress Anu Aggarwal says that this is an amazing initiative

“This will add to the cinegoers interest in going to theatres to watch movies when OTT etc have brought films to be viewed at home. I am super excited! Owing to the huge popularity of movies in indie It is a dream come true for most. All my life I have felt for the common man who has to try hard to buy movie tickets which are expensive for him.  so this is fantastic news. I am super excited about National Cinema Day. I may go and watch a film on the 16th. I will try my best to get away from my foundation work to make the time for it. I have been wanting to watch Kartikeya so perhaps I will do that,” she says.

The actress says that cinema and the film industry hascome a long way. Anu, who rose to fame with her film Aashiqui, says that a lot has changed since she began.

“There is a big difference. Times have changed and luckily are progressive. The entry of OTT platforms has brought in a new era. When I did Aashiqui, which turned a golden jubilee hit, as film could run for years whereas today the meaning of a ‘hit’ has changed as a film that can cover costs in the first few days of release is considered a well run film,” she says, adding, “Khalnaiyaka was a rare woman-centric film and I hope we make more of those though certain the trend is growing more now.”

The number of platforms have grown and that has helped a lot, says the actress. “Of course let’s not forget the advertising, marketing today has social media and so many more online platforms whereas at that time for instance my face on a billboard saying ‘This face can stop a crowd’ was the way Aashiqui was promoted. People also looked for what critics were saying, for instance TOI said to rate a film like Khalid said “…Anu has a hypnotic screen presence…” it promoted the movie,” she says.