Nyrraa M Banerji: I don’t prepare much for a role now, just become that person

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Actress Nyrraa M Banerji, who is currently seen in Pishachini, says that acting has become a very spontaneous and natural process for her. She says that, unlike earlier, there isn’t much preparation that she does now before starting a new character.

“I don’t know but I think nowadays I don’t really put much of an effort to prepare for my role. I just became that person. All I need to know is the back story and my emotional challenges in the role and it just flows naturally. People say I look better and so does my acting,” she says.

An actor is generally given all the credit for a great show, but a lot goes behind as well.  Talking about the efforts put in by the rest of the team, Nyrraa says, “It’s the same like parents do all the struggle to raise a child and if the child does well, he gets the appreciation. But as an actor, it’s our duty to appreciate and let the world know that today if I have got this platform, it’s because of the setup and the people’s hard work that’s gone into making the show. It’s done for me and it’s a team effort.”

Experimenting is important for an actor, but it is not appreciated by fans always, says the actress, adding, “Acting skills are on an actor how they evolve or how they want to define their character. But sometimes experimenting with looks is criticized. I have never been criticized for my acting or looks so far. I guess that’s because I look effortless.”

Meanwhile, the actress says that taking breaks is essential for all artists. “It’s important to take breaks from work. To develop a hobby. To read a book. To do something creative while you are on set. Just make time and go out. Hit the gym. You have to keep doing different activities,’ she says.

Ask her what her advice would be to other budding actors, and she says, “Just wanting to act is not enough. The industry is a school. Know our directors, writers, theatres and business. Box office collections. Movies. Know the credits because if you don’t know the subject you will not want to study.”