Three Ways to rejuvenate your skin, hair and body

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Healing Oils: We tried out Neelibringadi Keram hair tonic oil from Kerala Ayurveda and we thought it was excellent. Packaged rather simply, this oil still packs a punch. Neelibringadi Keram is hair tonic oil that promotes hair strength, growth and delays premature greying. It has a powerful blend of hair health herbs which are cooked with milk and coconut milk in coconut oil. It’s excellent for the mane as it makes the hair look glossy and healthy.

 Nalpamaradi Keram from Kerala Ayurveda is a face and body oil that clears up tan and reduces sun damage. It is enriched with “varnya” herbs and turmeric or Haridra which protects the skin from sun and lightens dark spots. We tried this and found that the skin feels really good. Kumkumadi Oil from Kerala Ayurveda is an Ayurvedic face oil for glowing skin. The many winning herbs make the skin radiant. This too is very effective. Kesini – Kerala AyurvedaKesini hair oil is an intensive hair growth oil, which is crafted with over 10 potent “keshya” or hair growth herbs. These herbs go deep inside your scalp and work on new hair growth phenomenally. It seriously is very good especially as it rejuvenates the scalp and hair. 

Myaxyl Oil is indeed a boon more so if you have knee pain along with sore muscles. Kerala Ayurveda Myaxyl Oil is a non-sticky fast relief oil that helps relieve sudden onset of knee pain and sore muscles, sprains, spasms and sports injuries with its powerful blend of herbs. Add some Mahanarayana Thailam to it, the powerful ingredients in it including Ashwagandha and Dasamoola helps give relief from pain. All in all these rejuvenating oils from Kerala Ayurveda is excellent.


Soap away your blues: The Vivel cool mint soaps and Vivelmint + cucumber body washes are a delight. The rejuvenating fresh fragrance lifts up your mood and makes you want to sing your blues away. The cool mint soaps comes in a relaxing blue hue and is soothing to the skin, while the Vivel mint +cucumber body wash has a fresh rejuvenating feel that uplifts the mood. The hamper came with some colourful cute loofahs which add to the relaxing bathing experience. The packaging too denotes freshness and indeed this too makes you feel relaxed and happy.

Spray some lingering freshness:  Engage L’Amante Intensity perfume is truly divine. We found the fragrance very refreshing though it was a bit intense. It also lingered on for a long time leaving a trail of sweet smelling goodness behind. The peach hued packaging too is very pretty and the bottle looks really good. All in all, it wins our vote.