Rohit Choudhary gets candid about the latest music video Maar Sutteya

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Actor Rohit Choudhary, who is also an entrepreneur, recently shot a music video titled ” Maar Sutteya” with singer Gajendra Verma. Rohit says that the process of shooting the project was absolutely amazing, and he loved being part of it

“My friend, who is a casting director, was in search of a person with a particular look for the music video who is fit and his age should be 40 plus and fits in the villain character. They had taken around 25-30 auditions but rejected all. Then finally the casting director sent my profile across to them and they finalized me. They didn’t take my audition as they were satisfied with my profile. Later, we started shooting in Jaipur. Also, I love GajendraVerma’s songs. He sings really well and Vikram sir who is Gajendra’s brother is the director. We shot for two days and I enjoyed it a lot. They both are very down-to-earth people and I never felt that I was working for the first time with them. I love doing the work in which I enjoy, rest is secondary. The video will come out soon and you will really love it,” he says.

Talking about the trend of music videos, the actor adds, “These things have been going on since a long time but nowadays people have made it a trend. Many people get to work in a music video like the actors, singers, composers, writers etc. It’s a good thing as the more music videos there are, more people can enjoy it because along with listening, you can also enjoy the video. Music videos entertain you a lot in those three and three and half minutes,” he says, adding, “In those 3-4 minutes, you have to prove your acting. If you don’t do it then people would not like the video though the song comes out to be nice. Acting is important because that determines if people will watch it or not. I don’t act much, I will just be myself and keep it natural.”

Rohit has also been a producer and says that he loves balancing it all. “I am working as a producer, and financer and I have a real estate business in Delhi and along with that, I am acting as well. Whatever work I do, I do with all my dedication and excitement,” he says, adding, “I have seen and experienced a lot in life. I have seen poverty as well. There was a time when my work and business were in the top position in Delhi. Being number one or number two or having a huge amount of money or less amount of money doesn’t matter. I feel that you should decide how you want to live and what you are comfortable in. Peoplewho show off, want to show people around them that they are something. Those who have achieved everything, they don’t need to show off because people know about them and that person is confident within himself that he is perfect the way he is. In life, if you want to achieve something then you really need to be dedicated towards it. So whatever work I do I give my all to it.”