Shaswat Tripathi: My character Yug in Swaran Ghar has now become a part of me

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Shaswat Tripathi is enjoying working in Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Dreamiyata Entertainment’s Swaran Ghar. The actor, who plays the role of Yug in the show, feels the title of the fiction is apt and goes well with the concept too. He also talks about his character, experience and why the show stands out.

“My character Yug has now become a part of me. Earlier I couldn’t relate to the character, but gradually Yug has become a reality as I found many similarities between us. And, I must add that Swaran Ghar is like no other. It has its unique flavour that touches a chord in your heart,” he says.

The show is high on emotion and drama with regards to both inter and intrapersonal relationships in a family. “Older generation has a very different perspective over life, for them family was everything. They weren’t exposed to this blooming world, and life was simple. But today’s generation has much exposure and believes in democratic approach where we get to choose whatever we find suitable. But then that is also a curse because life gets difficult and the mind stumbles if we are not guided properly and wisely,” he explains.

All these are probably reasons why the current generation deals very differently with their parents than how it was earlier. “I think that no parents should be treated in a wrong way. They are the ones we have got this life. This generation is still not aware of our parent’s worth in our lives. Somewhere, sometimes adjustment is compulsory for both the parents and the children to have a peaceful and balanced relation,” he says.

Stories on parent-children relationships are evergreen. “I feel that a parent’s love is made of deep devotion, sacrifice and pain. It’s endless and unselfish, and enduring, come what may. The depth of the love of parents for their children cannot be measured. It is like no other relationship,” adds Shaswat.

 Praising the Dreamiyata team, the actor adds, “Ravie sir is the one I look up to, he is someone whose focus is all into acting. I have faith in him that he will do wonders in his career. Sargunma’am is filled with positivity. A person like her is all we need in times when we feel low. She listens to all of us, cares a lot and takes care of us. Being an actor she understands what we go through and what we need. I am grateful to have been working with them.”